VRB How to 360 guide

Hi there! We obviously think 360 photos are pretty cool, so we figured we’d pass along some info about cameras and smartphone apps that shoot them.

360 Cameras

First, choose a 360 camera so you can start taking great photos

Here are some of the top 360 cameras on the market right now. We typically use the Samsung Gear360 for our photos, but also use the Theta quite a bit.

Ricoh Theta 360


Samsung Gear 360


LG 360 Cam



Don’t want to buy a camera?

Totally understandable. Below are some app options that you can use with your existing smartphone.

Google Street View

VR Headsets

Finally, view your photos in virtual reality

Currently we only support VR with the Gear 360, but we will be expanding to Daydream & other platforms very soon!

Samsung Gear VR


Upload, Share, React

Upload, edit, share, and react to your 360 photos with VRBFoto

VRBFoto App


Hope this article was helpful & as always if you have any other questions / concerns please feel free to email us at hi@vrb.is